February 2020 we moved to Park City, UT. After 10 years of moves, that were mostly work related (for my husband) we decided to jump all into our “family” business and start choosing to live with ultimate freedom (how we want, when we want, and where we want.) John quit his job, with the intention of helping me expand my business. We asked ourselves, if we could live anywhere in the US, where would we go? We wanted an adventure, and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone! We LOVE nature, and being in a very developed suburb of Texas, we were limited. Our decision was heavily influenced by the ability to be outdoors, all the time! (Not to mention the great art market, road trip options and overall off-grid chill vibe of PC) So here we are! Prior to our move here, I had spent less than 3 days total in Park City. It was 100% a leap of faith. Within hours of landing, I was so inspired – and called my best friend to let her know that this was one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made! THANK GOD!

Having spent many years in Texas and California, snow was not much a part of my life. Upon arrival, I was in awe of the mystical/ magical light and feeling it brings. I wanted to capture this, along with my love of nature, with my newest series, PARK CITY LEAVES. We live near the forest, and right next to the most magnificent mountain (which we’ve named Lucy after a dear friend who inspired our move). As I’ve spent so many years amplifying nature, especially flowers, I found it appropriate to capture my new home as I saw it. I hope you enjoy these! Many more inspired works to follow….