Love Thy

“I started this series for my son, Graham. My husband and I were discussing how much he has changed our lives and the important lessons that we want to share with him. Rather than journaling to him, I decided to create a series of original heart paintings, each one illustrating biblical messages that are deeply important to me. Each heart will be painted to convey a much deeper message, but in a beautiful and optimistic light. I hope to some day turn this collection into a children’s book. I hope you enjoy these pieces. They mean so much to me!”

Love Thy Neighbor | Matthew 22:39

I started this painting a month before the horrific attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida. I was even more inspired to finish it after learning of the news.

I have always believed that we are to, “Love thy neighbor as thyself…” as the Bible teaches us. I find this scripture very personal.

I can realate to the struggle that some (especially in the LGBT community) might feel with the judgment around their personal relationships. I chose to marry a man twice my age and understand the judgment, and conflict based on choosing a relationship that isn’t “traditional”. The message I want to share, especially with our son, is that not one of us are perfect, but God loves us unconditionally and we should love our neighbor, no matter their race, religion, sexual preference, etc. If I can teach him to be kind and accepting to all, I will have done a good job as a Mom!

Love Thyself | Psalm 28:7

This piece was created to benefit the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me…

I chose this scripture because I believe that whenever we are faced with trials, there is always an element within our control. We can react a certain way. We can choose to remain positive and hopeful. I believe that God is in control and that if we do what we can, He will step in and do above and beyond all that we can ask or think. I thought this scripture particularly appropriate for the painting to benefit children who are battling diabetes.

The painting sold at the Carousel of Hope Ball. Giclee prints and products will be available soon.