olivia_biography_photo Olivia Bennett Teeuws is a nationally recognized art prodigy who found her artistic gift at age 5, while battling A.L.L. Leukemia. What started as a hobby and emotional escape from her cancer treatment soon turned into a passion and full-time career.

Olivia sold her first painting at the age of 8 and was thrilled to discover that someone loved her work enough to purchase it. From there, Olivia started showing her work at local art shows around Texas. At age 12, Olivia received national attention after her meeting with President Bush and her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2003, Olivia was named, “One of 20 Teens Who Will Change the World” by Teen People Magazine for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic work.

Olivia continued to travel and sell her work at shows and in gallery exhibits.

At the age of 14, she opened the Olivia Bennett Art Gallery in Southlake, TX.
Olivia successfully owned and operated the gallery for 5 years. During that time, she found her love for teaching and dedicated part of the gallery to serve as an art school. She taught some 40 students per week in watercolor and oil.

Olivia has one self-published book, “A Life in Full Bloom” and several other books featuring her artwork/story.

Now 23, Olivia currently lives in Southern California with her husband, John.

Olivia is constantly creating new series in oil and watercolor from her home studio.  She is very involved in many local and national charities and non-profits including:  Jewel Charity, Cook’s Children’s Hospital and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Olivia continues to work with budding artists of all ages. If you or your child is interested in enrolling in one of her classes please visit the Classes section of this website or email us at info@oliviabennett.com.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Olivia, please email info@oliviabennett.com

I have always found that when you take time to “smell the flowers” it can make a huge difference in the shape of your day. Its because of this that I chose to paint the most beautiful and uplifting images I can find. I hope that they bring you joy! – XOXO Olivia

Special thanks to the incredible photography of Ron Holt for the inspiration for my wildlife series!